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Brand & Digital Strategy

Since 2016, I’ve served as an advisor for Flippable, a progressive start-up building the movement to flip states blue and restore our country’s democracy. In 2017, I served as the Interim Director of Marketing to guide the organization through rebranding, the launch of a new website and fundraising platform, the development of a new content strategy, and key state races in VA, FL, and WA. This critical period expanded the reach, relevance, and fundraising capacity for the organization, and helped Democrats make dramatic gains at the state level in the 2018 midterms.

Brand & Social Strategy, Content, Audience Engagement

As the principal of StellarEngine, I led the strategy and creative execution for Skittles on social media for half a decade, bringing the Rainbow to life via a signature brand personality. During this period, the Skittles Facebook page grew to 22MM+ fans, making it the second-largest Confectionery brand on Facebook, with organic content generating millions of impressions each month even as Facebook drastically reduced reach. @Skittles on Twitter saw its number of followers double year-over-year, dominating Confectionery brands. Skittles earned praise in publications ranging from Mashable to BuzzFeed and even made the front page of the internet when the brand’s content was the #1 topic on Reddit.

Social Strategy, Content, Audience Engagement

5 gum introduced the Truth or Dare program to recapture the attention of younger consumers: limited edition packs that turned the product into a game of Truth or Dare. My team at StellarEngine put game play at the center of 5 gum social media, challenging audiences to participate and tag friends to get them in the game, too. We scripted challenges and live Twitter games with celebrities to drive reach and relevance. During the program window, social engagement with the brand quadrupled, and, most importantly, integrated marketing efforts resulted in increased velocities for the product.

Digital Strategy, Audience Engagement

Signs, the leading international journal in women's and gender studies, was looking to increase engagement across digital channels and reach broader audiences with the journal’s open-access features. I trained the editorial team on brand building and digital strategy, equipped them with tools for serving their audiences, and facilitated a workshop with their Associate Editors to create a roadmap for digital outreach.   

Social Strategy & Content

Extra gum was experiencing a decline as it entered the current decade and the brand was seeking to invigorate its social content with a spirit of warmth and optimism that would help position the brand for a larger shift to come. I led the Facebook campaign that invited consumers to engage with authentic, highly visual content that celebrated shared, meaningful moments featuring Extra gum. We built on that campaign to extend the brand’s #GiveExtraGetextra commercial spot – the largest investment the brand had made in creative and media for years – into social media, helping to infuse the brand with meaning beyond the gum category.

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